Recursive Software

Andrea Giudici


Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

email: andreagiudici (at) me (dot) com
Curriculum Vitae PDF Updated 20/5/2019
Skype contact: andreajudge
YouTube channel


Some of the things I′ve done:

Rally Gearshift Display
Featured on
Keypad operated door lock
Featured on
Featured on
Humidity controlled bathroom fan
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FSX Boeing 737 Autopilot module + driver
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TracerTrack - Drifter GPS Tracking System
WebGL tech demo
Gulf Of Finland's Compressibility Analysis tool
BalticWave visualization tool
A 3D Engine written in C#
Ropeway simulator
Hexapod robot
PWM Servo Controller driver for PIC uC
Old PocketPC stuff
Color Blind visual aid system for Symbian