A Small Ray Tracer does cool stuff


JTracer is as the title suggests a small Ray Tracing program. Ray Tracing is a technique used in CG (Computer Graphics) to render complex 3D scenes using realistic illumination models. All the recent movies by Pixar and Disney are made using this technique.
The one I made obviously is not that complex, let's say about 6000 lines of Microsoft's C# code, but contains already a good illumination model, with advanced features such as shadows, reflections, refraction, anti-aliasing and more.
Source code is available, free to download, use, copy, edit, sell, and so on. Emails are often appreciated if youre wondering about giving me some feedback.

Here's a complete list of all the features packed into JTracer:

- .X DirectX Reatined Mode Model Loading
Specular, Diffuse, Emissive, Environmental lighting models
- Shadow casting, volumetric Shadows
- Object groups (to be implemented: KD_Tree structures)
- Texture mapping
- Reflection, Refraction
- Camera movement (non real time)
- Toon shading (experimental, see screenshot)
- Unlimited samples antialiasing
- Bump MApping (experimental)