Hexapod project codename "Brigitta"
6-Legged walking robot equiped with distance & light sensors.


The idea of making a working robot came up to my head just after visitng a local robotics show. I saw all these small things doing cool stuff and I thought I had to do one my own.
This is one of my longest-lasting projects, as it started 4 years ago and is still going, even with reduced development speed. The thing you don't catch when you see robots exibitions is how difficult (and sometimes frustrating) is to build them. I had to learn a lot of mechanical stuff, to correctly choose motors to drive Brigitta, and a lot(one more 4 emphasis: A LOT) of electronic-related stuff, such as Microchip PIC programming, wiring, soldering, In-Circuit Debugging, and so on.
Actually the robot can stand on its own and walk straight, but sensors are not yet used as I had to spend my time elsewhere. I can give a lot of informations if you need them, just, as usual, drop me mail ;-).
Above you'll see a couple of snapshots and , as a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures, also a short movie showing Brigitta in action (Actually this is referred to early test phases, but I know you'll get the idea :P )


The main structure before weight reduction

Brigitta's body after *heavy* weight reduction

Main circuitry v 2.0

A detail of the main board mounted on Brigitta's body