Didactical 3D Engine

This is a project I'm currently working on. It is a fully working, interactive, real time, entirely software-based 3D Engine that is aimed at simplicity and readability of code. This is something I've always missed during my studies and that finally I've decided to provide myself. Understanding the code obviously requires basic knowledge in 3D mathematics, vector and matrix entities, as well as basic programming skills (the Direct Memory Access screen requires higher knowledge though).

The list of currently supported features:

- 3D Pipeline has very clear and separate stages
- It is entirely software based. Runs the scene below (10000+ polys on screen) at 100+ fps on a Intel i5 CPU
- Supports different coordinate systems
- Supports different mesh formats
- Renders in wireframe with Direct Screen Access
- Face culling
- Fog emulation
- Rasterizer draws 1M Poly / sec
- Fast Bresenham line drawing
- Alpha blending
- Orthogonal Projection

The code is free and downloadable at the end of this page.
I am currently offering free help to understand/extend the code. Just contact me via Email with your questions.