Gulf of Finland's Compressibility
Analysis tool
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Compressibility analysis tool is a framework of applications, developed for data-analysis purposes at Tallinn Univeristy of Technology's Department of Cybernetics by Andrea Giudici, within the Project Baltic Way. The aim of this program is to analyze the compressibility behaviors of the surface layer of the Baltic Sea in the area of the Gulf of Finland.

A mid-to-long term goal of this project is to introduce a new measure of compressibility, which accounts for time-correlations of the realistic flows, as opposed to its classical definition, which sees it as an instantaneous measure.

Short term goals are to produce so-called "Compressibility maps" to show the behavior of this quantity over different timespans. The results are produced in conjuction with the TRACMASS software by Prof. Döös.

It is compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio C# and it is released under the MIT License terms.

The results produced using this software were included in my PhD thesis "Quantification of spontaneous current-induced patch formation in the marine surface layer".

In this page you will find the latest release of the software, together with some screenshots (click on thumbnails to view full size), a manual and a form to request features or bugs corrections to the author.

For the full version of the paper associated with this software, please refer to IEEE Xplore's page.


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